Orca Channeling April 2016

Here is the first shared channeling – April 2016:

946461_1026781344054802_6013473741439469571_nI hear the orcas reaching out to me. I feel them calling. The room disappears and I’m in a bright translucent white pyramid shaped room in a crystal blue pool. Beyond this room it’s night, space and stars. Music fills everything. I experience a kind of baptism, attunement, initiation in the pool. I know this is Sirius B. I know this room, I know this pool, I know this place inside out. This room is part of my home. I know this is my home. I’m not usually the one in the pool being initiated but it’s some kind of necessary process. I hear the orcas and I tune in. As I drop through the pool to connect with them, my left shoulder blade starts hurting. The pain in my left shoulder is becoming unbearable. It is a sharp, piercing pain that takes over my focus and I feel like I may need to stop the session. Then I suddenly feel myself being gently bumped between two orcas who are happy to see me. It feels exciting, like a reunion, as they continue to bounce me. It reminds me of Romeo (my little dog) playing when he’s happy and I start to relax. I start to sway in a snaking motion as the bump and bounces me from either side. Bliss starts to overcome me, like my heart will burst with joy and the pain in my shoulder blade disappears. As I sway, it feels like I am swimming. I am surrounded by orcas who feel like family and loved ones from the other side and I feel blissful. The swaying feels sensual, snaking, swimming, carefree, graceful and ecstatic. I am part of them. I know this. I feel like I always have been. They tell me I share their voice. That I’m their guardian and caretaker.

They say;
Our language is song. Song is our tool. Song is our work. Song guides consciousness and this is what we do. (I have a mental flash of influential musicians who guided progressive change through history). We seed the world with artists. We hold the frequency through our song in the ocean. We permeate the earth with the frequency of our song. We influence the subtle field with our song and inspire artists to create more direct shifts in human consciousness through song. Human collective consciousness is shifted, healed, expanded and evolved through song. All song, all styles. We have done this since the beginning. We bring dark to light and assist with the healing and integration of the shadow. We promote unconditional love, wholeness, acceptance and transmutation. We have always done this through song.
We (Sirians) seeded the earth thousands of years ago as a way of creating a new light star, to be shared by many souls across the universe. It’s a long process and raising the frequency of the planet has been a long and sometimes painful undertaking. Every movement is a step, like gardening. The whole process is like gardening thought forms that can ultimately bloom into higher consciousness and love. Growing light consciousness, one liberated, loving, higher thought at a time. We are at a turning point again right now. A new step forward is being made on the path. We keep growing, feeding and nurturing the seeds of light and seeing the gentle progression forward. Don’t have fear for the world. Judge nothing. Focus only on what you are moved to grow. Everything is a perfect dance, but with a limited view, you can only see just one step at a time. The dance happens beyond this though, in a perfect harmonic flow. All that makes up the universe is connected. A higher intelligence beyond comprehension. Everything in existence is made up of this light and has no choice but to ultimately express this light. Meditate on love.

Notes: There are other stars and beings involved with the development of Earth. This is the Sirian orca perspective. The stars (including Sirius) exist in higher frequency planes – not the physical 3D plane. We only see about 2% of the light spectrum. The planes exist on higher frequencies.

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