Holistic Counseling Sessions

dreamstimefree_213845Carisa has been doing Holistic Counseling Sessions for the past 18 years in Australia and the U.S. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer and her education and experience as a teacher and practitioner also includes Jungian psychology, shadow work, life coaching, mythology, tarot, astrology, meditation, yoga (kundalini and hatha), past life therapy and channeling. She specialises in working with artists and also has a background teaching ecstatic dance, art therapy, singing, voice work and movement.

Carisa combines the variety of tools she works with in her Holistic Counseling Sessions to shift and transform, various areas of a person’s life. Her sessions focus on:

  • Uncovering and shifting blocks
  • Shadow work for shifting subconscious obstacles
  • Understanding personal mythology
  • Connecting to higher self
  • Shifting patterns in relationships, work and money
  • Attracting Relationships
  • Achieving your dreams
  • Understanding the law of attraction
  • Breaking through fear and self sabotage
  • Clearing creative blocks
  • Self discovery
  • Healing traumas and grief
  • Finding clarity
  • Creating self love
  • Emotional healing
  • Personal Power
  • Self Improvement
  • Creation of personal, spiritual knowledge, awareness, expansion and happiness

Sessions are $125 for 1 hour and are available in person in Los Angeles (Los Feliz area) or via Skype or phone. Address and contact info will be given out at session confirmation.

Feel free to contact Carisa for more information or to book a session time, at contact@carisabiancamellado.com.